First Unitarian Church
90 Main Street, Worcester, Massachusetts USA


This is an informal description for concerned friends of music and
not meant to serve as a legal description
nor official assessment
nor preliminary insurance assessment

On June 17, 2000, a roof fire gutted the steeple and front attic areas, with major water and mold damage to the sanctuary, attic, and Sunday School basement areas. Services were held in Unity Hall for a year and a half during restorarion, and returned to the sanctuary in January, 2002, with the Sunday School area being completed in Spring, 2002, and the pipe organ installation commencing in the fall of 2002 and completing in January 2004. Christmas Eve services for 2000, 2001 were held at Mechanics Hall.

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Details below.


Flames came shooting out the front eaves; several "holes" were axed into the sides of the clock tower to allow access to pour in water
(they've since been patched with plywood)


Great & Positiv exposed divisions shrouded for lent!

High pressure blower in the steeple attic area, just above the chamber.


Hymnals drying in the dining area

    2" & 3" thick wood completely charred

  A lonely choir robe rests on the stairs

Peeking under the positiv tarp, Mixture pipes getting out of line

Wet messy rock wool insulation seeped down with water to patter, spatter, & splatter
All the pipes will have to be cleaned
















Although it is assumed that various insurance will cover 100% of the damages, we believe there will be additional costs incurred that won't be reimburseable. A Phoenix Restoration Fund was established, see details.


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The Reverend Barbara W. Merritt, Senior Minister

The Reverend Thomas Schade, Associate Minister

Diane Mirick, Religious Education Director

Will Sherwood, AAGO, ChM, Director of Music

Justine Beaudoin, Moderator

Gordon T. Gurney, Jane Beckwith, Jerry BellowsMusic Committee Co-Chairs